Long time, no see.

Hi everybody

It has been a very long time since my last post here on WordPress. I do not know why? Just been very busy and forgot all about this blog until now.

I promise myself that I will try to blog more often now – especially since I am going to Finland and all that. It will be an exciting year (and it already has been), and I will look try to share my thoughts and experiences here – both for my own sake as well as the few following the blog.

In recent news, I can share that I just passed the 30th match mark in my rugby club, which is all-time highest in the club. It was a particularly proud moment considering that it was against long-time rivals from Amager. It was a good win and a good celebration afterwards.

I will see you soon 🙂



Hi everybody

This post will be markedly more light in tone and content, no worries!

I have started my graduate studies at CBS taking a master’s degree in Business Communication with the profile of English and European studies. During the past week, I had the opportunity to meet all of my new fellow students, and I was surprised to find out that almost half of them are from other universities than CBS. I think that will be a refreshing element of forthcoming studies that half have not taken their bachelor’s degree at the same place as they are taking their master’s. I am actually looking immensely forward to studying again now – next thing: exchange, no exchange or internship and not least what to do with that damned master thesis!

Besides intro at CBS, I was also out with the guys Friday night (still not drinking though) and it turned out to be one of the craziest nights in a long time, lol… I have a crazy friend who made sure we got VIP treatment at the bar giving bottles, throwing people from their table so we could get it and so on… Haha! Amazing evening – but I cannot reveal everything that happened that night. But you get the picture – things went out of hand of course and stuff happened, crazy stuff! Why mention it, if you can’t tell more about it? Because I just needed to put down in words how extremely crazy that evening was. I never imagined such crazyness would take place during my two week VLC-diet.

And yes, since last post, I have started dieting. Just for two weeks as mentioned, but it is tough because I have lowered my calorie intake to 600 per day, which has to be held up against a normal intake of 1900 (calculated on the basis of my age, weight, height and activity level). It has been very weird so far, but on this very day I am half way there. One more week and then enough of living off of shakes, soups and snack bars. The good thing is that it is working – or at least it seems so. You also have to take into consideration that I have exercised even more than I use to, so the diet would be more effective than it normally is. “Won’t you just gain the lost weight again, when you start to eat normal again?” The answer to that frequent question is: no. Because my problem for a long time have been that the weightloss I started a year ago had come to a hold. I ate healthy and according to guidelines, but my weight (and not least fat percentage) kept stalling at the same levels. I neither gained nor lost weight. I needed to lose approximately 5-6 kg to reach my goal of 80kg, and I could much closer to that goal, if I started doing this extreme diet. So, when I am done, my weight and fat percentage will be stalling at hopefully 81kg instead of stalling at 85kg. One more week and then I am almost there!

Another thing is that we now a coach for the rugby team. We had a training match with two other teams and it was a nice day! The weather was good, played rugby for the first time in months (I am smashed today) and I just love Copenhagen even more on those sunny days! Now, I am looking forward to a busy season and hopefully a lot of wins. Especially because we are participating in the cup tournament. Now I just need to get more buff as to compensate for me weighing almost 20kgs less than last year, which means I have more trouble taking down larger players, so next project will be focused on lowering the fat percentage even more and then get bigger muscles – I don’t want to be amazingly buff and body builder like – not at all. Just stronger, more stamina and dexterity to compensate for less weight on field!

I think that was all for now. It’s September, Sunday and I have to study for next week’s classes.

Take care…

Rough start…


We are well into August now and so far it has been a month filled with emotional experiences. To start off, I was at the wedding of one my best friends. This was Saturday 4 August, the weather was beautiful and the entire day was a success. They are such a beautiful couple – complementing each other perfectly. Also, I got the chance to see their little baby girl, who was baptized at the same event, and I am thankful for the opportunity and privilege to take part in this.

One can only aspire to one day to be equally as blessed with a significant other that I would care and love as much. Not saying I am ready to settle down with a child and everything – just that I hope that my search will pay off equally as well some day.

Then… Now the emotional part – I will make it short. I do not wish to display all of my deepest feelings online – even though I do know that very few – if any – read this blog. I am writing this mainly to…. just get out somehow. Well… Tuesday August 7th, my (maternal) grandfather passed away, and it was basically a shit week after that. Worst thing was that the entire family did not know until 10 hours after. He died 8 in the morning and we found – accidentally – around 6, when my grandmother went out to look for him because he did not return for supper where she found somebody that told her what happened. Simply awful. Anyway, the funeral was the following Saturday, which meant that I in 7 days was both celebrating a newly wed couple and mourning the passing of a loved one. It is very weird, I think, and I am still adapting to the thought of never seeing or talking to him again.

I have done nothing than laying in bed and watching films and tv during the past week. I haven’t really been up for anything else considering the situation. I will say, though, that I am glad that it happened while I was in Jutland – I would have been even more devasted, if I had been in Copenhagen, and not least that he died without feeling much pain doing what he loved doing. Also, he was 80 years old and he was not sick, so in that sense it was a swift and almost painless albeit abrupt death. Rest in peace.

Now, I am back in Copenhagen – trying to cope with the usual weird feeling of being alone again – no more mum cleaning, making food or shopping. Now, I am back to the adult life, haha. This also scares me somehow – especially taking the above into consideration as well – because I sometime feel that my childhood is disappearing slowly – people I thought who would always be around die, my sister is moving to London, so no more “as it has always been” when I am home and can just go to her room where it is as it was in “the old days”, and people growing older; they are having babies and getting married, while I am still pursuing whatever goal in life, which is not always clear for myself. I just hope to be able to die off in an old age doing whatever I love and not regretting (too) much in my life. That is my biggest fear – to make the wrong decisions in life. Not asking the girl I like out or doing the wrong thing with my career or education… But that’s life, isn’t it?

What a sad blog post…. But then again… This is probably because my past week has been so shitty and depressing. But… Now, I am trying to come to terms with the situation and adapt to it. Try to look forward and be happy about the all people and things I am sincerely happy about in my life – even though I sound like the most depressing guy ever, I am actually very glad for my life and enjoy it very much -and try hard to get the most out of it. It was just a very hard blow to my mental state last week.

Now… Back on track, back from vacation and ready to start on my master’s degree, start practicing – both rugby and fitness in general -, meeting new people, catching up with old friends and to seize the opportunities life throw at me!

See you 🙂

Nearing July’s end!


The last post of July, I think. How fast it has passed by. Besides spending almost half of it in Poland and Slovakia (see earlier post), then I have spent the last few days visiting old friends around Jutland, which I do very much enjoy – even though I am not that fond of spending so much time in train and buses. Well, that is how it is, when people are spread all over the place.

It is such a joy and a privilege to, still, be able to call up old pals and hang out with them, without it being awkward or turning into a tour de force in reviving old memories. I am very happy for my loyal, old friends – not everybody is as lucky, as I am. In the same vein, I can also mention that there is less than a week to the impending wedding, I have been looking forward to for months. It is still hard for me to realise that one of my childhood friends is getting married next Saturday.Wow!

Besides that, I have been enjoying reading many pages of books, which is an activity I immensely miss doing more regularly on a daily basis. The weather have been a blessing the past week (except for Saturday and Sunday), so many of these books have been enjoyed outside in the sun!

Because the weather has been so nice, then my family and I went on a ‘tour’ to see some of the old spots from my childhood family vacations, some of I remember vaguely, others I remember like it was yesterday, and it was a pleasure to relive the old holiday cottage, where my family and I have spent so many happy days. Also, we went out to explore some of the sites, we always visited when being there, and I got to relive old memories and suffer a few punches right ‘in the childhood’ – places change also. I am a nostalgic personality, and I value consistency highly, when I revisit old places, I used to frequent years ago. Nonetheless, it was a fantastic day and tour down memory lane, which we ended by visting our favourite restaurant from back then, which, surprisingly, was as always. The atmosphere and the food were incredibly cosy and delicious, respectively.


Finally, as you may notice in the picture, I have gained a few pounds during this summer, and I am now working hard to drop those pounds again. Not only for the sake of the upcoming rugby season, but also for the sake of my final goal of weighing 80kg (approx. 155lbs), which I am not far from, but I am currently working out almost every day – at best both 30-40 minutes hard bicycling with the sweat dripping off me and crosstraining – sometimes I just do the cycling. I will not tolerate myself to return my awful state before I lost all the weight!
I think that was prety much all for this time. I will make another post next week, when August is upon us! So long!

Take care!

Back from vacation!

Hi… It is time for a new post!

I am back after having spent 12 days in Poland (Kraków city) and in Slovakia (the Tatra Mountains)! It was great to enjoy some days in sightseeing the old capital of Polish kings, which has a very interesting history – not least in relation to the Holocaust in particular and Jewish society in general, as well as spending several days in a remote cabin in the mountains – far away from technology and most people.

The city of Kraków is amazing – especially living in the old part of the city, more specifically the Kazimierz district, which, until WW2, has been populated by Jews. This is highly visible in the number of synagogues, Jewish restaurants and numerous merchants trying to live off these historic facts. Being a keen ‘amateur historian’ regarding history in general and WW2 in particular, it was a remarkable, perhaps even scary, to visit sites like Oscar Schindler’s ‘Deutsche Emaillewaren-Fabrik’, where literally hundreds of Jews were saved from an otherwise dark destiny in the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau camp (situated just some kilometres outside Kraków).


Generally speaking, the city is a pulsating mini mekka for lovers of city vacations. Lots of both famous and lesser known shops and boutiques are located in the city as well as merchants of all trades trying to sell everything from sightseeing tours to Polish gastronomy (which is very delightful in most cases!), and it is fairly easy to enjoy cheap, yet tasteful, meals (mainly because the full effect of membership of the EU has not yet kicked in), which is something you must enjoy, if you ever get there. I would recommend to do that soon – who knows how long it will last?

It was an immense cultural shock to arrive at our cabin in the Tatra Mountains, which, mildly put, was outdated at least by 50 years when compared to Danish standards! It was an experience, I will probably never forget. Nevermind that, I had a great time hiking in the beatiful surroundings as well as enjoying the comfort of no people and technology. The cabin was situated deep in the endless Slovakian forrests and the nearest village was 10 kilometres away, which was the perfect setting for just enjoying the nature and reading books. Even though the weather was shitty at times, then the cabin provided a safe haven for nature to sit back and relax while the rain pour down. I might even miss it a bit.

Now… Being back in Denmark, more precisely Jutland at my parents’, I am now enjoying the summer in the company of family and friends – as well as a good bok now and then. Aah…. I have, though, started to train, as I have gained weight in these relaxing surroundings and I have started to work out again to regain fitness for the rugby matches of Autumn.

Finally, I am looking forward to my friend’s wedding. It is not often an old friend (since kindergarten) is getting married. Just bought a new pair of shoes, belt and bowtie (with matching pocket square). All of this in addition to the new suit I bought earlier this summer. If I can find time, I will post some pictures of it all.

Fow now, I wish any readers an enjoyable summer!

I’ve said it before: I will try to make more posts. Shorter and of higher frequency than now, where I mainly post longer posts rarely.

I mean it, in the future I will try to post at least a few times a week, unless I am on vacation, which I will be from Wednesday and 10-12 days ahead.
– I am looking forward to, though, going to Poland and Slovakia on a city and active vacation combined. I sincerely enjoy Poland and I look forward to visit the latter. I have been to Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic before. My friends often get that “why do you want to go there?” look, when I tell them where I am going, but Central and Eastern Europe is massively underrated in so many ways. Their cultures are remarkably different from Western Europe, and it is refreshing to travel in those countries. Not to mention their hospitality and cheap gastronomic adventures. This is just one of many activities I plan to spend time on in the summer between my now completed bachelor’s degree and my next step: a master of arts in European Studies and English business communication.

I graduated on 21 June with a 10 (which is comparable to a B+ in other grade systems) and a GPA of 7,9, which I am quite satisfied with. It is a rewarding feeling to know that all those hours and effort put into my bachelor’s project were well worth it in the end. Especially the fact that it was my first time writing such a large and serious project entirely on my own is also a feat I am proud of to some extent. Adding to that I can now begin my master studies with a bigger confidence that I can handle such tasks.

On social note, I have been enjoying life very much. I even had problems with boredom, occasionally, because of all the new found time. I’ve seen a lot of friends and got a lot of issues sorted out (e.g. cleaning and dealing with a lot of mess in my apartment. Especially because I have not been in Jutland for 5 months, I am enjoying more than ever the luxury of ‘living home’ again.

More importantly, Denmark is experiencing som actual summer this year (unlike the horrible summer of 2011), which I have been quite fond of. Nothing better to be able to go the beach or relax in the city, strolling around shopping, eating and hanging out with friends.
Male summer style
On a entirely different note, I would just like to let you know that my team, CBS Sport Rugby, is the current no. 1 in the Danish 2nd division after a magnificent season beating a team like Speed, which is a team we have not won against for 2 years. The general status is that we are stronger than ever and the performances have been almost unbelievable good. Not to mention the nearly famous victory against Roskilde Vikings. With a score of 40-5, we surely showed them who are the best on the field – again. Remember last match of previous semester? We beat them 47-10 back then, so history repeated.

Other than that, I am looking more and more forward to my aforementioned friend’s wedding on 4 August. It will probably be both beautiful, fun, touching and crazy at the same time – considering the context and not least the people!

Lastly, I will would like to let you know that you can also follow my tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. All with the same username is this: nicolainp – except Facebook, where my fully name is needed to find me. On those sites, I upload many more photos than here with that one, simple argument: it is way easier to do on via those. Otherwise, I will try to keep this site updated more regularly in the future – I mean it!

Take care 🙂


The big event of the previous weekend was the bachelor’s party me and some friends threw for one of our old friends. Actually, it was not so much a “you’re getting married” bachelor’s party as it was a “you’re going to be a father” bachelor’s party! Since he is the first of our old ‘gang’ to become a father, then we decided to give him a WHOLE DAY of awesomeness. He did not know any of this of course – that is until we stood in fron of his door 8.15 AM Saturday morning ready to give him a day none of us will ever forget.

The big surprise of the day was the fact that him and his girlfriend surprised us handing out invitations for their upcoming WEDDING! So, now we suddenly had an actually bachelor’s party on our hands. Haha. Freakin’ awesome. It was an amazing day, and I will not go into details, but it was great; I have, though, left a hint, with the picture beneath, of how much fun it was.

He was so happy to be celebrated – even touched I would say – and to know how strong our friendship still is despite him living far away compared to the rest of us.

Banana with a condom in a Breezer/vodka mix
After this crazy weekend, I have been studying like an insane to try to meet my educators’ expecations for class. God, there have been impossibly many pages to read this week; this weekend is a blessing in that context (more than it usually is). I sincerely think this will be the toughest semester so far on my bachelor’s degree. But considering some of the classes this semester, I am still hopeful that it will interesting nonetheless.

Also, my bachelor’s project’s theme is now narrowed down and I need only to specify it a bit more before sending out e-mails to possible counselors that will be my mentor for the project – and ultimately: censor.

I hope to return soon with more posts. Until then, I will ask you to follow my fan page on Facebook, which I use more regularly and is more useful for a detailed insight to my life and interests.

Take care 🙂